Alexander Mansion Restoration

Where do you start if you are planning to restore a historic home? Laura and Holly walk you through the steps they are following in the restoration of the Alexander Mansion in association with The Dallas Woman’s Forum. See inside this architectural gem yourself by joining Laura and Holly at several upcoming events at the Alexander Mansion. Links and dates to the events open to the public appear below.

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In Episode 76 of The Architecture Happy Hour Podcast, here’s what we learned:

  • The Alexander Mansion was built by Charles H. Alexander in 1904 and is located at 4607 Ross Avenue, Dallas, Texas.
  • The Dallas Woman’s Forum purchased the building in 1930.
  • There is a specific order you should follow if you are going to begin a home restoration project.
  • Top priority in a home restoration or in maintenance is to keep water out
  • A historic home is something to be celebrated and appreciated no matter what stage the restoration is at.

Come visit the Alexander Mansion and see why we love it so much!

Alexander Mansion front view

Alexander Mansion, built in 1904

notable and shareable take aways

Where do you start if you are approaching a home restoration project?

  1. Water intrusion – stop the water from getting in – check the roof, cracks in brick, leaks around windows and doors, and seepage at the foundation and basement
  2. Stabilize the foundation – cracks that will let water in can be caused by foundation movement
  3. Mechanical – air conditioning units, look for condensation, mold, make sure HVAC units are working properly
  4. Plumbing – look for cast iron pipes that could be broken, rusted, or blocked by mineral build up inside the pipes
  5. Electrical – old wiring can be a risk for fire
  6. Interior finishes – only after the home is dry, stable, and safe from flood and fire should you invest in restoring the fine finishes on the interior of the home
Hand carved door surround

Hand carved door surround

Basement Crack

Cracking brick mortar in basement foundation walls

Dining Room at the Alexander Mansion, original mahogany paneling


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