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Holly and Laura from HPD Architecture in Dallas, with client

As a homeowner, do you ever wish you could ask for some expert architectural advice? When it comes to improving an investment as important as your home, you want to get the most value for your money. Guidance from someone who’s “been there, done that” can help you make smart decisions and avoid costly mistakes.

How do you know when you need an architect? Should you buy new or remodel your current home? What are the current design trends and should I include them in my home renovation? The questions surrounding home improvement are numerous.

In these posts, Dallas residential architects Laura and Holly from hpd architecture + interiors, share tips and pointers based on questions that they have been asked by their own clients.

Creating a New Outdoor Room

With some planning and design, you can create a new outdoor room or renovate the existing to better work with the way you live. When thinking about changes to make to your yard, consider adding architecture to create scale, focal points, vertical interest and shelter. There’s a broad range of options, from a light-filtering pergola to a […]

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Looking for the perfect gift for a kid who is creative, shows a curiosity for buildings, and always wants to know how things go together? Dallas Architects Laura Davis and Holly Hall share great ideas for the best gifts for future architects. See show notes at Visit our blog for the 2018 Architectural Gift Guide […]

Commercial vs. Residential Architect. Husband vs. Wife.

Tune in for our first showdown at the AHH corral. Join us as host Laura Davis interviews her husband architect Bob Davis about the differences and similarities between commercial architecture and residential architecture. This episode will be of special interest to architecture students and interns. Please note: No marriages were harmed in the making of […]