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If you grew up playing with LEGOs, drawing your dream house over and over, rearranging furniture in your room, or exploring a curiosity of how things go together, then you might have the heart of an architect.

Architecture is a fascinating profession. It requires you to have a love of things both artistic and technical. Architecture demands that you dream of a place that doesn’t exist yet, while still working within boundaries such as building codes and city zoning. Architects balance budgets vs. wishlists, property constrictions vs. the needs of a growing family, and product lead times vs. construction deadlines.

In residential architecture, no two projects are the same because no two homeowners are the same, and that’s what makes design both challenging and fun. If you find yourself energized by problem-solving, prioritizing, planning, and working with people, you might have the personality of an architect.

It takes years of school, internships, professional exams, and lots of continuing education to be an architect. Those who dive headfirst into a career in architecture become life-long learners. If you thrive on the discovery of new ideas, technologies, materials, and places, then you might be cut out to be an architect.

Architects Laura and Holly from hpd architecture + interiors in Dallas, love to share their passion for architecture. These posts contain advice for aspiring architects and anyone curious about the “behind-the-scenes” of the architecture profession.

You can do it!

Dallas Architect Offers Advice to Job-Seeking Architecture Interns

Here are a few words of advice from Dallas Architect Laura Davis, AIA to students and interns beginning their careers in architecture. Be confident.  Be different. Be brave. I know. It’s easier said than done, especially in this market. I am giving you permission to not listen to the grumpy people around you. A pity party is no […]

Laura Davis

Dallas Architect finds a home in the Blogosphere

Dallas Architect Laura Davis, AIA of HPD Architecture, finds her home among her fellow bloggers. Welcome to the Dallas Architect blog. I am an architect and interior designer wearing the hats of marketeer, business development guru, social media maven, and networking ninja. It takes a lot of balancing and I’m learning as I go. My plan […]

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