Dallas Architect, Laura Davis, AIA comments on anticipating changing trends in housing design and sustainable senior living.

Senior Living Trends

The wave of Baby Boomers is coming with great energy, force, and opportunity. Are you in the right place to ride it out?

The Baby Boomer segment of our population is rapidly approaching retirement.  As this generation remains active, enjoys better health than their parents, and lives longer the need for more services increases by the day.

Three million Baby Boomers will live to age 100 or older.  What does this mean for our society, in terms of the economy, health care, political and social trends, and more?

Without a doubt, the housing market will need to respond to the changing needs of this aging population.  In the article “The Gray Tidal Wave”, Executive Editor of demodirt.com, Galia Myron discusses these upcoming trends in business, services, and products catering to the Boomers.

To read the full article including comments by Laura Davis, AIA, visit www.demodirt.com.

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