Have fun bringing the indoors out.  Don’t be afraid to combine traditional indoor elements with the outdoors.

Decorating outdoor spaces

Combine indoor elegance with outdoor rustic elements for interesting contrast (source: Better Homes and Gardens)

If you’re entertaining a lot, don’t be averse to using everyday indoor decor on your patio or deck.  It’s a very inexpensive way to brighten up outdoor living space, even if it’s just for one evening.

And when it comes to actually having dinner outside, don’t be afraid of using real dishware. We’ve become very accustomed to everything being disposable so when we think of entertaining outside, we’re thinking about paper or plastic plates, plastic forks and spoons, and plastic cups. But don’t be afraid to use your regular dinnerware or even your good china. And everything doesn’t have to match.

Mix up elements so you have some contrast between casual and elegant pieces. Pull in unusual elements: shells, rocks, collectible pieces. Think about what you have and how you can use it to create a unique party environment. Old board games as centerpieces shot glasses as bud vases, Christmas tree twinkle lights as dressing along an arbor can all create character on a plain patio.

Dallas Architect Laura Davis, AIA is a Principal and Director of Marketing at HPD Architecture. She often recommends bringing the indoors out to her clients. Learn more about her custom design services for residential and commercial projects in the North Texas, Dallas area. For more information please call 214.751.2300.




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Laura Davis is a Texas and Colorado registered architect and interior designer, and a co-founder of hpd architecture + interiors. With a diverse portfolio spanning residential, commercial, retail, and historical projects, Laura’s heart lies with her specialty in Historic Preservation. She loves to revitalize older properties, cherishing their character and the stories they hold. Her true passion lies in understanding her clients deeply, uncovering their desires and motivations, and crafting designs that turn houses into cherished homes.