Decorating Trends Revealed at The Original Round Top Antiques Fair

There’s something intoxicating about a treasure hunt. The thrill of the search and the victory of an amazing find can’t be beat.

We recently lived vicariously through our colleague as she went on a treasure hunt of her own to find design trends hiding at The Original Round Top Antiques Fair in Round Top, Texas.

Not familiar with the fair and its shows?

The Original Round Top Antiques Fair, celebrating its 50th anniversary this year, encompasses a 30,000-square-foot Big Red Barn and a Big Red Barn Tent. Inside, visitors are treated to a unique assortment of early Americana, Texas primitive and Continental furniture and accessories. In addition, The Continental Tent features antiques from England, France, Italy, Spain and many additional European countries.

There are three shows each year, fall, winter, and spring. Each show provides a fabulous opportunity to translate the season’s best antique trends, and this season was no exception.

Here are her takeaways on some of the favorite trends at the fair.

1. Archi Yes: Architectural items are hot — screens, wall hangings and small decorative pieces to sit on tables or patios, in particular.

2. Conserve that Space: Efficient hardwood work tables and space-saving small islands are strong sellers for kitchens. On the flip side, large hutches, cabinets and tables are out. It’s all about making the most of your space.

3. Box it Up: Boxes are a must this season. Antique wooden boxes with lettering or writing are valuable, — and, boxes with lids are the most popular among buyers. Stack them up in your living room, kitchen or home office for a fun vintage vibe and bonus storage.

4. Say it with Silver: Sterling silver is making a comeback in foyers this season — think large silver vases sitting on marble tables. It’s a sign of the times, where traditional design is having its moment and hard contemporary design is taking a backseat. Overall, today’s buyers are enjoying the freedom to combine traditional with modern — or they are simply sticking to the classics.

5. The New English: The newest trend in bathroom vanities? Those thinking outside the box are turning to petite English chests of drawers and transforming them into bathroom vanities. A hole is cut into the chest to place a sink basin (or two); the look is classic yet incredibly personalized and unique. In fact, English furniture overall is in, as long as the pieces are small in size.

6. Feeling French: While French furniture is on the way out, French golden bowls and baskets are eye catchers. Place them on your dining room table for a shimmering centerpiece. For an added pop of the French feels, display a French sculpture in your foyer or brass andirons at your living room fireplace.

7. Hang It Up: Rugs aren’t just for the floor anymore. Instead, hang up decorative and artistic quilts and coverings for an artistic wall statement. And while we’ve been seeing this particular trend for a while, it’s absolutely not going anywhere soon!

So there you have it. We love the trends she discovered and shared with us!

Now what’s your favorite antiques trend? From unique repurposing to feeling that vintage vibe, hpd can help you integrate those few key antique pieces into your home design.

Just give us a call at 214.751.2304!

To go on your own antique treasure hunt you may want to venture out to the next Original Round Top Antiques Fair in Roundtop, Texas, January 26-27, 2018.


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