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artisan light fixtures

Spring Trends in Home Decor

It’s springtime and if you’re like me, you’re all revved up and ready to freshen up your home—not only opening up those doors and windows, but also freshening up the energy, color and textures. There are some fun new trends coming along in home décor, and I’m excited to share four of my favorite ones […]

From Tidying Up to Totally Organized

If you subscribe to Netflix then you’ve probably heard of or watched the increasingly popular “HGTV-esque” television series, Tidying Up with Marie Kondo released in January 2019. Each episode features families struggling with decluttering challenges and Marie coaching them via her KonMari™ Method-a Japanese way of organizing. Binge watch a few episodes of Tidying Up […]

HPD Architecture + Interiors

Tips for Architecture Students and Emerging Professionals

Getting and Making the Most of Your First Architecture Job If you are an Emerging Professional, securing your first architecture job seems like a tough task. We’ve been there. We get it. The internship and first year design  job market is competitive, and you are worried that you won’t find the right firm. Here are tips […]

Contemporary living area remodel with hardwood floor

17 Steps to Transform from Traditional to Contemporary Home Decor

At hpd architecture + interiors, we are seeing a trend here in Dallas — the rebirth of homes from traditional style to contemporary home decor. Originally published in 2012, this trend is still going strong. This post was updated in December 2018. The traditional Dallas house built in the 1960s and 1970s is generally a […]

hpd arch + interiors

Renovation Road Blocks Your Home (or Future Home) May Be Hiding

How do you know if a home is going to be easy to renovate? What secrets could your home (or future home) be hiding? Each time a new client approaches us with a home remodel or addition project, we do our research on that property. Homes have a funny way of hiding restrictions that can […]

minimal no clutter

How to Declutter your Home and Restore your Joy

Do you feel like you are drowning in STUFF? Do your possessions stress you out instead of bringing you joy? It’s time to break down the steps for sorting, purging, donating, and organizing your things so you can sleep at night and restore your joy! Here are some common clutter issues we all deal with: […]

Alexander Mansion front view

The Alexander Mansion – A Home Restoration Love Story

Here’s our story about how two architects discovered their home restoration labor of love over a cup of tea. It All Started with Tea A beautiful, stately, historic home in Dallas, Texas, called the Alexander Mansion, caught my eye in 2011. At a delightful afternoon sitting of the annual Christmas Tea, I fell in love […]

When do you need an architect?

When Do I Really Need an Architect?

Who do you call when you are about to start a home renovation project? A contractor? An interior designer? An architect? All three? In our podcast, 75: When Do I Really Need an Architect?, Holly and I share a checklist of questions and answers to effectively guide you through this process. What follows is a […]

Commercial Architect VS Residential Architect

Residential Architect vs. Commercial Architect

The difference between a residential architect and a commercial architect My husband, Bob Davis is a commercial architect at HDR Architecture, Inc. in Dallas, Texas. And I am a residential architect. We met at Texas A&M University in 1994 and were in the same graduating class. We both also attended A&M’s College of Architecture for […]

solar panels on roof

California Solar Panel Mandate in Residential Construction – A Texas Architect Responds

Recently, Holly Hall, owner, architect, and interior designer at hpd architecture + interiors was quoted in an article about the new solar panel mandate in California.  Solar panels on the roofs of private homes are not a new phenomenon. What is making news however, are the new standards passed by the California Energy Commission in May […]

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Podcast: How will Coronavirus Change Home Design in the Future?

Life at home has certainly changed in 2020. Working from home and managing kids in the same space has created new challenges. Since the coronavirus outbreak, have you changed the way you purchase groceries and bring take-out food into your home? In Episode 91 of The Architecture Happy Hour podcast, co-hosts and architects, Laura Davis […]

Laura & Holly working on interiors

Needs, Wants, and Budget for Your Home Design

A good start to any home design project includes defining your goals which means figuring out your needs, your wants, and how to pay for it. In Episode 90 and the 2nd installment of the Home Design Series on The Architecture Happy Hour podcast, co-hosts and residential architects Laura Davis and Holly Hall talk about […]