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Laura Davis

Dallas Architect Asks Have You Visited Your Farmers Market Lately?

Dallas Architect, Laura Davis, AIA shares thoughts and images of farmers markets, large and small, near and far. As I was cruising the many blogs I follow, I found a post inspired by farmers markets on the San Francisco Edition of the apartment therapy blog. It reminded me of all the great structures, people, and food to be found in […]

Elegant rustic outdoor tray

Ways to Save On Your Electric Bill

Dallas Architects, Laura Davis and Larry Paschall share some ideas that might help you save not just on your summer electric bill, but throughout the year. “Shut the door! I’m not paying to air condition the whole neighborhood.” Does that ring a bell? Every since we were kids, the cost of energy has been a […]

You can do it!

Dallas Architect Offers Advice to Job-Seeking Architecture Interns

Here are a few words of advice from Dallas Architect Laura Davis, AIA to students and interns beginning their careers in architecture. Be confident.  Be different. Be brave. I know. It’s easier said than done, especially in this market. I am giving you permission to not listen to the grumpy people around you. A pity party is no […]

Creating a New Outdoor Room

With some planning and design, you can create a new outdoor room or renovate the existing to better work with the way you live. When thinking about changes to make to your yard, consider adding architecture to create scale, focal points, vertical interest and shelter. There’s a broad range of options, from a light-filtering pergola to a […]

Elegant rustic outdoor tray

Bringing the Indoors Out

Have fun bringing the indoors out.  Don’t be afraid to combine traditional indoor elements with the outdoors. If you’re entertaining a lot, don’t be averse to using everyday indoor decor on your patio or deck.  It’s a very inexpensive way to brighten up outdoor living space, even if it’s just for one evening. And when it […]

Backyard deck

Creative Entertaining in Small Spaces

It seems as houses have gotten larger, yards have gotten smaller.  Don’t let that keep you from entertaining; just get creative. Residential lots haven’t changed in size but houses are growing to maximize every buildable square foot.  In neighborhoods with zero-lot-line houses and garden-style patio homes, there are minimal side yards and shallow backyards.  While these […]

Laura Davis

Dallas Architect finds a home in the Blogosphere

Dallas Architect Laura Davis, AIA of HPD Architecture, finds her home among her fellow bloggers. Welcome to the Dallas Architect blog. I am an architect and interior designer wearing the hats of marketeer, business development guru, social media maven, and networking ninja. It takes a lot of balancing and I’m learning as I go. My plan […]

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working from home

Podcast: How will Coronavirus Change Home Design in the Future?

Life at home has certainly changed in 2020. Working from home and managing kids in the same space has created new challenges. Since the coronavirus outbreak, have you changed the way you purchase groceries and bring take-out food into your home? In Episode 91 of The Architecture Happy Hour podcast, co-hosts and architects, Laura Davis […]

Laura & Holly working on interiors

Needs, Wants, and Budget for Your Home Design

A good start to any home design project includes defining your goals which means figuring out your needs, your wants, and how to pay for it. In Episode 90 and the 2nd installment of the Home Design Series on The Architecture Happy Hour podcast, co-hosts and residential architects Laura Davis and Holly Hall talk about […]