How to Change Your Bachelor Pad into a Family Home

transform your bachelor pad

Is it time to make convert your bachelor pad into a family home? Are you getting married and preparing to welcome your new family member(s) into your home? In Episode 82 of The Architecture Happy Hour podcast, hosts and architects, Laura Davis and Holly Hall offer ideas for decorating and remodeling your bachelor pad into a family home.

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In this Episode

  • How to tone down the tell-tale signs that a single guy lives here
  • Discover your own style and translate that to your home
  • Family friendly furniture
  • Upgrades to your bedroom your sweetheart will appreciate
  • What to focus on if you are remodeling
  • Kid-ready areas you should consider

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About Your Hosts

hpd architecture + interiors principals Laura Davis and Holly Hall are both registered architects and interior designers in Dallas, Texas specializing in residential design. Laura and Holly co-host the popular podcast, The Architecture Happy Hour, where they share their thoughts and tips on architecture and interior design, from helping owners select the right architect to never being too late to begin a career in architecture.

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