Dining Areas New

Dining rooms in traditional Dallas homes, those built in the 1960s and 70s for example, generally featured rather formal dining rooms with ornate fixtures. More modern homes, however, tend to have a more open feel, with higher ceilings and more minimalist decor. We have several examples of this transformation from traditional to contemporary dining room space in the gallery below.

The kitchen and dining areas are also good places to focus on when it comes times to adapt your house from a bachelor pad to a family home.  Whatever style you prefer and no matter whether you are starting from scratch with the dining room or you are going for a remodel, it is important that the end result works for your entire family. Consider how the room will be used on a daily basis – not just at mealtimes or on special occasions.  The materials used,  from flooring to furniture, wall and window treatments to lighting, all make a difference in the nature and ambiance of the end space, and at hpd architecture + interiors, we would be delighted to help you through this design process.