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As we all adjust to our new pandemic normal, many of us have found that more time at home breeds more time for hobbies, crafts and home projects. What previously may have been a dining room to welcome guests, has now become a sewing station for masks. Or maybe that knitting hobby you took up has now exploded into a sizable collection of yarn? Making things and having time for creative endeavors can be therapeutic in times of stress, but the disorganization they leave in their wake is not. The answer is to have a whole room dedicated to your creative projects but what if you don’t have that dedicated space?

Here are a few ideas for creating craft room and storage space inside (or outside) your home:


A well-constructed crafting closet, cabinet, or armoire can be the perfect solution for a home or apartment with limited space. Adding shelves and a desktop allows you to close up shop, keeping the rest of the room uncluttered and aesthetically appealing.

Craft closet ideas to inspire you:

Craft closet

Closet craft space by Encinitas Closet Designers and Professional Organizers

Clean Cut Closet by Beneath My Heart

Clean Cut Closet by Beneath My Heart

Closet Craft Space

Closet craft space by Debee Campos


Crafting and sewing hobbies require a lot of supplies and equipment. All of those pieces and parts can be especially distracting in small open spaces, which is why we recommend incorporating organizational hiding spaces whenever possible. Repurposed cabinets and rollaway carts are the masters of disguise! We like these solutions because they check the box for organization, but are functional too so you can capitalize on those creative moments when they strike. Below are a few suggestions you may want to incorporate into your maker’s area.

We think Michaels has a winner with their line of rollway craft organization. These are perfect for a home without a dedicated crafting area. Just roll to a closet to keep it out of view when guests are over and roll it back to the kitchen table when you’ve got a crafternoon planned. You can also find an assortment of craft and sewing cabinets and carts on Amazon. Here’s one that would serve beautifully for paper rolls, or wrapping paper. (Found on Amazon here.)

If you have a smaller area that you can dedicate the space to your creative pursuits, simply remove the wheels from the modular units or create your own crafting space from a repurposed armoire or old TV cabinet. Here are some examples.

Make Craft Cabinet Closed

Armoire craft storage by Design Improvised

Maple and Magnolia Craft Armoire

Armoire Craft Storage by Maple and Magnolia

Got little ones in your household? Consider adding a child safety lock.

If you happen to stumble upon a winning lottery ticket though, you’ll for sure want to create your very own DreamBox by CreateRoom (formerly The Original ScrapBox) –a patented system that closes up into a beautiful armoire. What crafter wouldn’t want this in her home?!?

DreamBox by Create Room

DreamBox Craft Storage Cabinet Closed

Crafting Nook Under the Stairs

Another idea that is often underutilized in homes is the space beneath the stairs. While you won’t have any natural light beaming into this space you could definitely add a lock to the inside of the door.

Check out these creative under-stair spaces:

Closet craft space by

Closet craft space by Home Lane

Be sure to incorporate an ergonomically correct chair so that you’ll be comfortable while you’re working on your projects.



If you are fortunate enough to have a space (like an attic, loft or basement) where you can leave everything out, consider creating a craft island in the center of the room with shelves and cubbies underneath to provide lots of accessible and out-of-the-way storage. Lazy Susans with buckets and bins are perfect for commonly-used tools, glues, and tapes.

Infarrantly Creative Basement

Basement space by

Basement space by Wonderland Homes & shared on Houzz

Basement space by Wonderland Homes & shared on Houzz

Mosby Craft Room

Basement space by Wonderland Homes & shared on Houzz

Crafting Attic by Javabere

Crafty Attic space by @javabere


Debbie Westbrooks with Refresh Restyle mapped out a 154 square foot section of her garage (first making sure there would still be room to park a car), built a wall, put up shiplap, and hired an electrician to add lights and outlets.

Garage space remodel by Debbie Westbrooks

You can read about Debbie’s building project, and see additional photos of her functional and aesthetically appealing long and narrow office and crafting space HERE.


Why should men have all the fun with their man caves? Thanks to Cheryl and State Farm’s “She Shed” commercial, She Sheds are now all the rage. Women deserve their own private retreat to escape, relax, or create. You can even purchase a She Shed on Amazon or the plans to build your own!

Visit, a website filled with stories, projects, tips and uniquely wonderful products for those enjoying (or seeking) She Shed living.

Here are several fun examples:

She Shed Residency Style

She Shed by Involvery in Residency Style

She Shed Crafting Space


by ‘s studio

She Shed

by’s studio

Have you found a creative way to set up space for crafting and crafting supply storage? Share with us on social media @hpdarchitecture or send us a message here.