It’s springtime and if you’re like me, you’re all revved up and ready to freshen up your home—not only opening up those doors and windows, but also freshening up the energy, color and textures. There are some fun new trends coming along in home décor, and I’m excited to share four of my favorite ones with you!

floral wallpapers

Machine-made and technology-type products are a part of our daily lives. When we get home we want to reconnect with nature and not more technology. Here are several ways that can help you feel more grounded and relaxed through the use of natural elements:

  • Large print botanical and floral wallpapers. You can even find them in peel and stick giving you removable options. This makes your willingness to commit to a home décor project so much easier.
  • Wicker and rattan type tables (i.e. coffee, side, accent pieces, etc.) can be found at most popular home stores and add a tropical and fun flare to your rooms. Open weave wicker also allows for more air movement, texture and interest in your room.
  • Natural woven baskets filled with beautiful pillows or blankets in chunky and natural fibers are inviting and relaxing.
  • There have been great advances in printed porcelain tiles over recent years allowing for so many more options including wood, marble, travertine and stone looking tiles, which are affordable and easy to find. Tiles, quartz countertops and glass mosaic pieces can be found in water or “beachy” sand color combinations, adding hints of nature to your home. Retiling a bathroom or a kitchen backsplash are simple and inexpensive ways to incorporate natural elements into a room.
spring trends handmade items

Items crafted by hand add a unique character to your home that you often don’t find at work where you may be surrounded by a lot of metal, glass, hard surfaces, etc. Some popular items include:

  • Artisan light fixtures (examples can be found online or in lighting showrooms) with crystals, hand-blown glass globes, or handmade fittings.
spring trends artisan lighting
  • Large weave cable type blankets and throws are very inviting when tossed on a sofa or chair.
  • Handmade and hand glazed tiles are notorious for having unique and beautiful finishes. They can also invoke memories of traveling abroad.
spring trends color of the year

There are some interesting trends in color right now including palettes with rich, bright, bold and clear qualities. Those are contrasted by a second trend of palettes with soft and feminine colors, and a third category comprised of a wonderful mixture of metals.

  • The Pantone Color of the Year is called Living Coral. It’s a bright and fun color that can be used in any room. Blues, magentas, golden yellows and teals also provide great energy and infuse a happy spirit into rooms. You don’t have to commit to an entire wall of color either. Display interesting pieces of color in your accessories like a painting, a poster, a rug, or even some pillows. Each can easily add pops of color to a room.
  • The trending softer feminine colors like soft pinks, lavenders and cremes are likely a holdover from the popular rose gold hue of the past couple of years. Softer, feminine colors pair well with brushed metals and antique brass.
  • Mixed metals offer fun and flexibility for remodels. For example, upgrading to darker fixtures in a shower but leaving the sink and light fixtures in a lighter finish. It’s trendy and perfectly okay to mix copper with brass, chrome or other metals. Doing so will liven up the space and bring a little shine to the room.

Another shift that is being seen in colors is in wood flooring. There is an increased demand for lighter floors, as well as more playfulness in wood colors and stains. Milky, whitewashed and translucent grays are becoming increasingly popular. Take a trip to a local flooring showroom and you’ll see vast options for both wooden planks and vinyl that looks like wooden planks.

spring trends geometric

Seen in almost every kind of material you will encounter when seeking out materials for a remodel project, geometric shapes are quite the trend. Here are a few examples of where they are found and how they are used:

  • Geometric shapes are found in printed pattern tiles including stone or glass mosaics, handmade, monochromatic patterns or beautiful color combinations.
  • Geometric tiles are commonly used in kitchens for backsplashes (some that go all the way to the ceiling), open shelving, flooring or accent walls. They can also be found in bathrooms as a vanity accent or as a niche wall in a shower.
  • Geometric accent trends can also be created via furniture, artwork, wallpaper, a wall hanging, a rug, etc. You get a touch of color and geometric shapes without breaking the budget.
  • Blending and combining trends whether handmade, colors, geometric, textural, natural is very popular and helps achieve unique looks.

As you set out on your journey to freshen up your home, keep in mind natural elements, handmade items, trends in color, and geometric shapes. Combinations of each will bring renewed energy into your home allowing you and your family to feel more grounded and relaxed. And remember, choose elements that are easy to change out and less expensive but offer big impact!

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