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Designing a new kitchen is an exciting process. There are so many opportunities to customize the personality, style, functionality, and features of a new kitchen. We love guiding our clients in making decisions about their kitchen by breaking down the process into manageable and enjoyable steps.

Ready to get started? Feel free to call us at 214.751.2304 to discuss designing your new kitchen. Outlined below is the process you can expect when you work with us to design your new kitchen. Let’s take a look!

How We Design A Kitchen

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Your Kitchen Personality

How do you like to use your kitchen? Which of these Kitchen Personality Types describes you best? Chances are you’ll identify with more than one. You can read more about each type in our blog post here. By sharing details about your kitchen personality you can help us plan for specific work areas and appliances that will serve you best.

  • Entertainer – You enjoy having friends and family over for dinner and you have the tools to make a great party.
  • Foodie – Your past time is collecting and trying gourmet recipes, and you love to linger in the exotic mushroom aisle at Whole Foods Market.
  • Baker – You smile when you think of your favorite oven mitt holding a warm tray of cookies straight from the oven.
  • Family Cook – You are the quintessential multi-tasker. Between shuttling kids to soccer practice and ballet class, you still manage to help with homework and get little tummies fed.
  • Griller – You pride yourself on your ability to cook anything over an open fire. Cooking outside makes you feel alive.

Architectural Style

This is the fun part! The architectural style is what your kitchen will look like. You may not know the name of the style you love, but you know it when you see it. We can help you identify exactly the style you love. There are many different styles to choose from.

Contemporary, Eclectic, Modern, Traditional, Craftsman, Farmhouse, Industrial

Mediterranean, Rustic, Scandinavian, Southwestern, Mid-century, Transitional


A beautiful kitchen is fun to look at, but if it doesn’t work you will be miserable while trying to cook. Did you know there are very important zones in your kitchen that have to work together? Each of these areas needs to be planned efficiently and in respect to the others so that you can enjoy cooking and not spend all your time running around gathering what you need.

  • Food Storage Zone – the pantry, secondary freezers or refrigerators, and bulk storage of groceries and dry goods
  • Food Prep Zone – refrigerator, freezer, sink, knives, mixing bowls and spoons, small appliances such as a food processor or an electric mixer, and plenty of counter top
  • Cooking Zone – cook top, ovens, spices, utensils, and access to the prep zone counter top
  • Clean Up Zone – sink and dishwasher, requires separate counter top for collecting dishes after the meal, helpful if the dish storage cabinets are nearby for easy unloading of the dishwasher


Do you dream of a professional-grade, stainless steel, gas range with large custom exhaust hood? If so, you might be a Foodie. Each kitchen personality type will have a list of features important to them. The Entertainer will require a wine refrigerator and storage for serving pieces and bar glasses. When you design your kitchen, keep a wish list of the plumbing fixtures, appliances, lighting and electrical requirements, and specialty storage areas you will need.

Pulling It All Together

The magic of a well-designed kitchen is in the coordination of all four of the above areas of planning. There are a lot of moving parts when you are either remodeling, enlarging, or designing a completely new kitchen from scratch. The design and construction of your home’s kitchen is not the time to take short cuts or try to DIY it.

The knowledge and experience in designing kitchens that your architect and interior designer will bring to the project is priceless. You will be able to enjoy your beautiful new kitchen knowing all details were carefully planned and perfectly designed for you and your family.

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