Podcast Topics: architecture as a career

architecture as a career

Are architects born or made? That’s a good question. Many fellow architects we meet in our daily lives will admit to being fascinated with creating and building models from a young age. The longer one stays in the profession, the more fascinating it gets.

In this Architecture as a Career Podcast series we chat about our own journeys as well as ways to encourage budding baby architects and interns, as well as the challenges and triumphs that members of the profession experience.

When Did You Know You Loved Architecture?

Holly shares stories about growing up around architecture and going from a journalism major in college to being one of only a few women in the architecture program at the University of Texas.

Exciting News and a Look Back at Lessons Learned

Join Laura and Larry for Larry’s last happy hour podcast as they look back on what started it all, what they’ve learned, and the next adventure as Holly Hall joins Laura as co-host.

Talking Money with Clients

Laura and Larry discuss the challenges surrounding talking money with clients and how sometimes the best solution is to just rip off the band aid.

The Joys of Dealing with the City Permit Office

Larry and Laura kick off their ninth season of The Architecture Happy Hour and 2017 discussing recent their recent experiences with the city permit office. And having to break bad news to their respective clients.

Never Too Old to Become an Architect

A podcast discussion of a recent listener’s e-mail regarding starting architecture school later in life and navigating both family and career.