the process of working with an architect

working with an architect

There are four key elements of working with an architect. When these are in balance, your dream home becomes a reality. Let’s talk about why we think each is important, and why we strive to incorporate them into every project we accept.

collaboration—Client involvement, especially early in a project, is imperative to any successful design. Bringing the entire project team together at the onset of the project allows important initial decisions about systems, materials, and design to be discussed with the entire team, thus capitalizing on the shared knowledge and expertise of all members.


team—Today’s planning and design challenges are at times beyond the capabilities of any one mind or a single point of view. If the project complexity requires, project leaders will draw upon a team of specialists, each with their own expertise and each delivering their own contribution to the project.


consistency—The professionals at hpd architecture + interiors who work on the project during the conceptual design will be the same people who create the working architectural drawings, answer questions, review submittals, and create the punch list for your project.


economy—Cost estimates at critical milestones in the design schedule are essential to the success of each project. hpd architecture + interiors is dedicated to working with each client and their contractor to seek value in all aspects of the project so that the final project delivers the best ratio of performance to money spent.


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