How will Coronavirus Change Home Design in the Future?

working from home

Life at home has certainly changed in 2020. Working from home and managing kids in the same space has created new challenges. Since the coronavirus outbreak, have you changed the way you purchase groceries and bring take-out food into your home? In Episode 91 of The Architecture Happy Hour podcast, co-hosts and architects, Laura Davis and Holly Hall talk about the many areas of home design that will undoubtedly be changed by all that we have learned during the COVID-19 pandemic.

In this episode

How will design change in these areas?

  • Front entry porch: providing a protected area for receiving deliveries
  • Entry to home for family: including a disinfection station in mudrooms or near entryway.
  • Kitchens: will you be stocking up more and needing extra storage space?
  • Kids spaces: fun and safe places for kids, especially when mom and dad may be working from home and needing to have online Zoom meetings.
  • Grown-up spaces: space to explore and organize new hobbies
  • Home office: consider light source, home sounds and how much space you need as well as comfortable seating
  • Bedrooms: having a plan in case a family member gets sick.


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