bachelor pad to couples home

When you bought your home, was it just for you? Getting married may mean you look at that layout a little differently for life when “me” becomes “we.” If you suspect that your bachelor pad might need to move some walls, we can help. Changing a great guy hangout into a space that a future spouse or family would easily function in, is easier to adapt than you might think.

Planning to remodel your current bachelor pad into a home for two? Keep these tips in mind:

  • Bedrooms and Bathrooms: Consider separating the master bedroom from the other bedrooms with a closet to add sound privacy between rooms. Or place the master bedroom at the other end of the home. Also, don’t forget the locks on the bedroom and bathroom doors. A private toilet (with a door that closes) in the master bathroom is nice for couples, as are double vanities.
  • Kitchens and Dining Rooms: When it comes to investing in your real estate, the soundest advice is to focus on bathrooms and kitchens. Financial recommendations aside, if you like to entertain, look into expanding the kitchen space to accommodate guests. Everyone loves to gather in the kitchen so making ample space will help spread out the crowd.
  • Offices or Creative Spaces: If possible, have a dedicated office (or creative) space so you don’t have to work from a guest room or kitchen table. It will be less disruptive for everyone if you have space to leave your projects out until you are finished.
  • Home Gyms: Bench presses in the bedroom may have been convenient when you were a bachelor, but chances are your new spouse may not agree.  If you have the space, set aside an area for work out equipment. Go the extra mile and make room for female friendly equipment—balance balls, yoga mats, a Pilate’s machine, a TV, etc. Add a fan so that the air circulation is sufficient, which will not only keep you cool during workouts, it will keep those sweaty smells at bay.
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Every remodel from single person living to couples living is unique. We are happy to offer ideas and help for converting your space into one that a future spouse would easily transition into. Reach out to us on our Facebook or message us.

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Are you transitioning from a bachelor pad to a family home? We’d LOVE to hear about it and see pictures.

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