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Dallas architect at work
What you need to know about architecture as a profession.

It takes years of school, internships, professional exams, and lots of continuing education to be an architect. Those who dive headfirst into a career in architecture become life-long learners. If you thrive on the discovery of new ideas, technologies, materials, and places, then you might be cut out to be an architect.

Architects Laura and Holly from hpd architecture + interiors in Dallas and Denver, love to share their passion for architecture. These posts contain advice for aspiring architects and anyone curious about the “behind-the-scenes” of the architecture profession.

In residential architecture, no two projects are the same because no two homeowners are the same, and that’s what makes design both challenging and fun. If you find yourself energized by problem-solving, prioritizing, planning, and working with people, you might have the personality of an architect.

Architecture on the Road

Architecture on the Road

Every building and street tells its own story so taking in some architecture on the road will enrich any trip.