6 Fun, Modern, and Trending Indoor Planter Ideas

One of the current home decor trends is to bring natural elements into your home. There are so many creative ways to add plants to your interiors, the containers are as interesting as the greenery! Here are six innovative ideas to get you started:

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We often overlook the untapped vertical spaces we have in our homes. Use that space to your advantage! These hand-made-looking rope hanging shelves (eh, hem, trend alert) are a great way to utilize vertical space, and they are both functional and add fun texture to the room!

Also, check out this plant stand that make use of vertical space. This folding ladder style stand is perfect if you want a portable stand that can be stored in a small space.


Combine two current trends by combining natural elements with geometric accents. Win-win! These geometric wall planters and the small brass and ceramic planters below are eye-catching and perfect for low-maintenance succulents.

Planters wall geo


A few green stems on your desk might be just what you need to bring your stress level down a notch. We like this modern hydroponics planter for a clean look and small footprint.

Planter desk size


A deep window sill begs to have a long narrow planter perched on its ledge. However, if you don’t have a window sill that can hold a container, look above and hang one over the window.


No need for corners to go stale or forgotten. Place planters on legs to create an airy arrangement. These mid-century modern planters have us swooning.


Hanging planters keep spaces clear and can easily fill a spot that needs a little something extra. Tap into a current trend by adding mixed metals in your hanging planters. Macrame plant hangers are a boho way to bring in a trending handmade touch.

Plants and succulents can help create a living space that is soothing to be in and that can enhance your mood. So, whether you live in a full-fledged farmhouse or a small apartment decorated in a modern minimalist style, you can still take advantage of fun, modern, and trending ideas to liven up your space with plants, herbs, and succulents.

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