the architecture happy hour

Architecture Happy Hour Podcast

The Architecture Happy Hour began as an audio podcast in November 2009. Shortly after, we added an in-person networking group in February 2010. The intent of both activities was to grow and connect with our community both locally and beyond.

We could not have predicted the tremendous impact the podcast and networking group would have on the evolution of our firm, our own personal development, and our network of design industry professionals. We look forward to continued development of the podcast and the networking event. Please browse our past podcasts or follow links below to learn more.

The Architecture Happy Hour Podcast Hosts

Architecture Happy Hour Podcast

Recognized on many “best of'” podcast lists, the Architecture Happy Hour is where hpd architecture + interiors principals Laura Davis and Holly Hall share their thoughts and tips on architecture and interior design, from helping owners select the right architect to never being too late to begin a career in architecture.

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Architecture Happy Hour Networking Group

A social networking group in the Dallas, Texas area for professionals in architecture, interior design, real estate, and construction. This group is focused on creating relationships and offering business referrals to people we know and trust.

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